Otto Bar

Otto Bar


Xibalba is known to be the underworld for the Mayan people. Also they are the creators of the Mayan arch, which resembles a coffin like geometry, inviting you to the realm of shadows and absence of light. 

In order to emphasize the acoustics a broken wood panel array was fixed onto the walls and roof, double serving as a light fixture that parallels the beat of the music.

Given the complexity of the column arrangement we embraced them as mirroring units to be lost at simple sight as well as becoming tall bars for individuals to place their drinks and assume ownership of their little spot throughout the general layout. 

The DJ booth is a lightweight tubular metallic structure which allows it to be taken away and transform the booth into a stage for acoustic live events. 

The venue has hosted internationally acclaimed musicians, attracted by the spatial atmosphere and the Bose sound system. 


Project: Mayan Underworld

Type: Bars/Nightclub

Site: Roma, CDMX

Client: Grupo Classico

Year: 2017

Area: 180m2

Status: Completed

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