Loft in the Pyrinees

Loft in the Pyrinees


The snowy Pyrenees invites cosy interiors.

Textures and illumination gives us a sense of comfort

and protection. Therefore we feel safe in an environment

that suits a contrast from the beautiful exterior


When we balance out designer furniture and an ancient

building with modern renovations, we adapt a specific

lifestyle suited for whoever is looking for an eclectic and

luxurious residence.


High quality finishes can be reborn

from the original materials, fixed

with artisan methods and techniques.


A good bbq with good friends and pristine views has no

comparison regarding what luxury means.


Project: Luxury Residence

Type: Refurbishment

Site: Vallnord, Andorra

Client: AKN

Year: 2021

Area: 120m2

Status: Idea

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