Chapel of the gods

Chapel of the gods


New beliefs.7
An abandoned building evolves its function to shelter
new beliefs.
The metallic presence reinforces the stone ruin as it
hugs critical spots whilst respecting the hollow emptiness.

The Chapel of the Gods is composed of a linear tunnel.
By contrasting the materiality, the geometry reacts to
the size and proportions, becoming a unique environment
of antiquity and modernity interlacing together.

New life can begin from within.
Always ensuring the document
from the past is preserved within
contrasting methods in order to
obtain clear understanding over its
chronological evolution.

Come in.
The adaptive reuse of the chapel is one where the landscape
and the new materials contrast in a way that
merges itself within a fantasy.
It invites you to come in and experience an inner and
outer space at the same time,


Project: Spiritual Welcome

Type: Adaptive Reuse

Site: Warminster, England

Client: AKN

Year: 2021

Area: 219m2

Status: Idea

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