Landscape Urbanism

Landscape Urbanism


In collaboration with Daniel Zozaya, now partner at Zozaya Arquitectos, we developed a buffer zone along one hectare of Los Dinamos forest city limit at the south of Mexico City.

The idea to consolidate the area as a bicycle park means it will be protected, taken care of, with security and no littering. Unfortunately the irregular settlements along the river has created ecological and social problems.

Having a cable car connecting the bike rides, it also serves as public transport for the southern mountainous regions. Having three main checkpoints: the gate to the forest which houses a cultural center for the indigenous and industrial heritages located at the site, also with a public medical facility. Second a water treatment site, given that this river is the only one still alive delivering the main potable water supply to the south. Afterwards a camping zone endowed with the forest police in charge of fires, illegal hunting, theft, etc.This checkpoint also diverges to the east and the west, connecting places quickly and safely, saving time and promoting productivity. Finally the pinnacle of the downhill rides in a bike with restaurant, a balcony terrace to enjoy the views and an infirmary. 


Project: Landscape Urbanism

Type:  Limit Regeneration

Site: Warminster, England

Client: UIA

Year: 2014

Area: 10,500m2

Status: Idea

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