BArch Research & Design Thesis

BArch Research & Design Thesis


Social Reinsertion of Homeless Orphans in Mexico City’s Historic Center

While everybody approached the final project of the career making a skyscraper, it was decided to attend greater humanitarian needs as a social expression within the architectural behalve. 

Not all homeless people are able to reinsert themselves within a productive society, therefore the research took emphasis on the homeless orphans to have a chance for a proper integration. 

All constructive elements are recycled from the leftovers homeless people actually use for their shelters. Once processed in a workshop, all pieces prefabricated, land as an urban intervention.

Each dormitory costs less than €200 and is built by assembly and knots, meaning it can be mounted in a short period of time, doubling as a natural disaster relief, transported quickly by trucks anywhere it may be needed. 

The gardens are open to the public but the dormitories and main building remain private for safety. 

Have we ever thought about the possibility that our society is responsible for the expulsion of unfortunate individuals? Do the social assistance programs within the governments actually work? 


Project: BArch Research & Design Thesis

Type: Social

Site: CDMX

Client: UIA

Year: 2015

Area:  920m2

Status: Thesis

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