Abud Manor

Abud Manor


Forest retreat was the objective for this Lebanese family in Mexico. Lovers of the woods, they found a 10 hectare piece of land in the middle of a mountainous region and decided to build a manor in order to house all of the family members. 

It has four large bedrooms plus the master bedroom. One main kitchen and another one for the game room. It also has a garage for 6 larga cars and a service tower hidden between the trees for solar panel absorption, water silo from pluvial recollection and an internet antenna. 

This place is a magical spot where the clouds are only a few meters above you. It is cold enough to light the chimney by night and warm enough at day to take care of the avocado plantation. 

Mix some canine friends and you’re all set to enjoy a long weekend with family and friends. 


Project: Forest Retreat

Type: Residential

Site: Warminster, England

Client: Abud family

Year: 2019

Area: 800m2

Status: Under Construction

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