Dinsmoor Acapulco

Dinsmoor Acapulco


After a considerable interior demolition, the brother Bar from the legendary Dinsmoor in Polanco neighborhood, Mexico City, a new sibling was in the making. The main concept was to create the presence of a sea like creature, representing coral life in the famous Acapulco beach in Guerrero State, Mexico. 

The DJ booth becomes a submarine ship that travels towards the depths of sound and the ocean floor.

The 90º view span allows one to catch the curvature of the Costera Bay that backdrops as a curtain of glowing light dots. 

The amoeba-like amphitheater layout permits for all to enjoy the full views, although only the center of attention gravitates to the premium VIP table arrangement in the middle of the party hall.. 


Project: Coastline Party

Type: Bars/ Nightclub

Site: Acapulco, Gerrero, Mexico

Client: Grupo Classico

Year: 2016

Area: 700m2

Status: Completed

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