Operation room wall performance

Operation room wall performance


What about the walls inside operating rooms? Do they always have to keep dull, cold and serious? What happens when the medical staff is inside a 25mfor six hours straight? How does a patient feel when going inside a surgery room fully awake? 

To make the space more humanized and cozy we introduce the top of the market wall panel there is. A tempered glass sprayed with silver molecules to make it for its natural disinfecting properties, with a high quality print on the back that can be lite into different atmospheres. 

Apart from aesthetics we proposed the utility of a wall becoming a screen, in order to have a giant interface that allows medical camera viewing more comfortably, best to present on academic or research perspectives, allow telemedicine to happen on the spot, and to access digitalized patient history records on the fly. 

Included in the installation we have the so-called Milky Glass: micro electrodes that when lightly charged, join creating an opaque surface, making privacy possible by the touch of a button.


Project: O.R Wall Performance

Type: Psychology & Technology

Site: Mexico

Client: N/A

Year: 2017

Area: 25m2

Status: Idea

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