Mollusc´s beach

Mollusc´s beach


Watery Realms.

The geometry hug both the water and the sand as an

invitation to enter The Sea.


You become safe inside a mollusc’s cocoon. It’s a coconut

enduring through time with rust, salt and moss.

A trellis of 3D printed columns sculpt the interior/exterior

watery patio. It houses a 360º panoramic hug of


Twisted Torus.

The geometry is made from procedural

objects. A sea creature

prefabricated and mounted in situ.

Made out of a hollow tubular framing

and welded sheets of corten

steel and copper to acquire different patinas. 


The all-aged playground is suited for anyone who dares

speak to the sea. A chamber to connect is erected as a

portal towards individual beliefs.


Project: Sea Portal

Type: Public Interactive

Site: Pom-Pom island,Malasya

Client: AKN

Year: 2021

Area: 400m2

Status: Idea

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