Colima 161

Colima 161


Located in the trendiest street for gastronomical proposals, floor 8, rooftop, in the buzzi Roma neighborhood, a new competitor is put to the test. 

Inspired by the native people of Colima State on the Pacific Coast in Mexico, the Triquis, Chinantecos and Zoque people indulge in lowkey geometric expressions, always adapting life around the Fire Volcano.

With almost 4km above sea level, the black rock can be spotted at any angle within the vicinity, therefore we decided to apply the look and feel of the volcanic textures wrapping the walls, which home the smoky fires that cook ancestral dishes with modern techniques. 


Project: Modern Traditional Food

Type: Restaurant

Site: Mexico city

Client: Two Lines

Year: 2022

Area: 550m2

Status: Under Construction

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