Gaudi´s Güell Crypt

Gaudi´s Güell Crypt


An unfinished church opened in 1914 made by the master Anotni Gaudí gives ground to interpret and complete the building. 

It has suffered many interventions of inappropriate redesigns leading to humidity and structural problems.

How dares to finish or even touch the building of a master, without original plans to follow?

Therefore we opted to consolidate the building through a massive projected light screening and attract visitors to roam the premises at night.

Merging the topography around the back of the church by elevating it with a light slope, we let the visitor see the unfinished roof, which now becomes greenery, solving the humidity problems and giving it an aspect of a ruin, a building left abandoned, overtaken and reclaimed by vegetation, so no one but nature dares to put a cap on the unfinished master’s building. Completing it at the same time. 


Project: Gaudi´s Güel Crypt

Type: Hologram heritage intervention

Site: La Colònia Güel, Barcelona, Spain

Client: Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña 

Year: 2015

Area: 520m2

Status: Idea

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